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Unleash the full potential of your fitness journey with our exclusive 1 on 1 training program at Taylored Fitness.


Our personalized approach offers a diversified method and cutting-edge techniques, tailored exclusively to your unique needs and goals. With individualized instruction, guidance, and support, you’ll feel empowered and motivated to push your limits, surpass your goals, and transform your fitness journey like never before.


Say hello to a fitness program that is designed specifically for you, and experience the benefits of personalized attention and customized workouts that are optimized for your body and fitness level.

Tailored Fitness Programs for
Optimal Health and Functioning

Optimal functioning and health is the key to living a fulfilled life. My mission is to create programs “Taylored” to individual needs by integrating various modalities of training. It is a results-based business designed to cater to your goals whether it is building muscular endurance and strength, weight loss, pre/postnatal, marathon training, as well as corrective exercise training.

Pre/Postnatal Training

Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant in the near  future? Learn how to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy for each trimester. Statistics show that regular activity during your pregnancy actually aids in brain development of the fetus, keeps the musculature around the spine balanced from the change in weight distribution, balances your stress levels, reducing side effects.

Functional Training

Functional training is designed to safe and effectively create exercises that mimic movements that aid in everyday life or sports specific tasks. Each program is developed based on your end goal. For example, if it is to swing a bat better, learn how to follow through with your golf swing, get faster at agility exercises, or simply pick up your baby without straining your back, etc.

Shape Up

As a fitness trainer, working my with bride-to-be’s is one of the most rewarding experiences. With their focus on achieving their best for the big day, they bring a special mindset and motivation to the table. My goal is to help them achieve their dream body and feel their absolute best both inside and out on their special day. Together, we’ll work towards creating a customized fitness plan that fits their needs, goals, and timeline, helping them to look and feel their best on their wedding day.

Kettlebell Training

This is a full body workout targeting your hips, butt, thighs, and arms. It involves full body motions, which consist of lifting, swinging, rotating, and balancing by generating force and momentum against the weighted ball. You will feel muscles you have never felt before after this workout and it will definitely elevate your heart rate.

Nutrition Coaching

My mission is to empower you to achieve your health and wellness goals through personalized nutrition coaching. We work collaboratively to optimize your diet, transform your eating habits, and unlock your full potential for lasting and sustainable results. Whether you aspire to lose weight, gain muscle, manage a health condition, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, my tailored nutrition coaching programs are designed to optimize your health. Combining evidence-based approaches, cutting-edge tools, and compassionate coaching, I am committed to helping you make informed choices about your nutrition, and embark on a journey to improved overall health and well-being.


Brooke Taylor is a certified STOTT PILATES ® Instructor Trainer, certifying new instructors nationally and internationallyAs a highly trained expert and course instructor, she teaches various workshops on anatomy, postural analysis, and corrective exercise training. Through her knowledge of STOTT PILATES ® she has been able to design safe and effective programs for her clients based on their individualistic needs and goals.

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Get ready to elevate your fitness game with my comprehensive blog. I believe that knowledge is power, and I am here to provide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve your fitness goals. From strength training to weight loss, to corrective exercise and injury prevention, I’ve got you covered. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your workouts to the next level, this blog is the perfect resource for all things fitness.

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Real People, Real Results: Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover How Our Tailored Solutions Helped Clients Achieve Their Goals

Pamela Pekerman

Working with Brooke has not only enhanced my booty and trimmed my waist, it’s enhanced my awareness of how to effectively move, hold my posture and eat for optimal wellness. She doesn’t offer me cookie-cutter solutions. She gives me science-backed instructions based on my age, lifestyle and desired outcome. I’ve never had a trainer with this breath of knowledge and certification. It’s a true game changer; and at 40, I’ve never felt more energetic, or looked better.

Gina R.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with a life altering autoimmune disease. I lived on the couch for many months hurt to walk and sadly I couldn’t pick up my daughters 🙁 After 2 surgery’s I was able to properly absorb nutrients, but my body was left atrophied. After finding Brooke, my life has changed in such a positive way. My first session I couldn’t even complete 3 pushups on my knees and could barely lift 5lbs. Now 2 years I am doing things I never imagined..I feel healthy and strong in body and mind. Brooke has been such a positive impact on my life , her knowledge and care for others go beyond. I’m thankful for her being part of my journey.

Alana Hoye

In July 2021 I began working with Brooke twice a week, doing 30 minute virtual training sessions. Upon working with Brooke I developed a new habit– a good one, exercise. I was very “green” at this new habit and Brooke had a lot of patience and showed me that I could do the various exercises and become a strong woman. Today, I am doing pushups, lifting 20 pounds at a time and have great muscles! I look forward to continuing my exercise journey with Brooke.

Danielle Leigh

I am 33 weeks pregnant and have loved working out with Brooke throughout my pregnancy to stay strong and keep moving. This is my second baby and second time using Brooke for weekly personal training sessions during that journey. During my first delivery the doctors and nurses commented that my fitness level and strength contributed to my smooth delivery. I have Brooke to thank. Whether you regularly work out or are new to fitness, Brooke is an amazing coach to have on your side. She is accessible and tailors workouts to your specific needs. Brooke introduced me to heart rate based training and smarter workouts. I used to exhaust myself in multiple HIIT classes a week and struggle to get the results I wanted. Now I work out more consistently for shorter amounts of time alternating between strength and cardio. I am stronger than I have ever been and have fewer muscular imbalances despite working out each day for shorter amounts of time and it’s all thanks to Brooke’s training. I’d highly recommend you bring her into your fitness journey.

Billy Simeonidis

I don’t know where to begin? The pain I was in and the fact that I wasn’t able to move my arms and just not function, is no comparison to what I actually felt. It was beyond excruciating and beyond my ability to do anything. It was worse than what it sounds. Brooke was patient with me and showed me what I needed to do and how to do it. I took it seriously, because she took it seriously and was adamant about fixing it. Friends of mine, who are surgeons, told me that if I didn’t take care of it that it only gets worse and that within 20 years I’d be in a wheelchair. I didn’t want to be in a wheelchair. So I listened to everything she told me to do, I did my best and I’m now able to stand up straight, with no pain radiating down my arm, no numbness in the fingers, I can sleep at night. My movements are all back and I feel like I did before any of this happened to me. I can’t thank you enough, because nobody understands the pain and the suffering I’ve been in. And with some hard work and your work ethic and commitment to me, I’m free of pain. Brooke, you are an incredible woman whose knowledge is impressive. I can thank you a million times, but that’s still not enough. Sometimes the simplest “thank you” means the most. Thank you!

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