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5 Morning Habits to Transform Your Day!

I am a huge advocate of early morning routines after I became a mom! But, I will also be the first to admit that it was not always this way. I was a night owl, working around the clock as a entrepreneur starting my own business, working on my side hustle, etc. I was always looking for ways to maximize my time and truth be told I never really learned about how to do this UNTIL I became a mom. I had to learn how to work smarter and more efficiently because my babies needed my attention.

1. Wake Up Before Everyone Else!

This is a GAME-CHANGER!! Ok hear me out before you roll your eyes. Do yourself a favor and read the “5am Club!” This book is incredible! Even if you are not a 5amer “yet” waking up before everyone is pure bliss. Why? Because no one needs anything. Everyone is sleep so you can focus on filling your cup to start your day and believe me when I say this does wonders for any Mom!

This is the time I sneak in my workouts! It is my non-negotiable time with myself. I get in my workouts and I am energized for the day, more productive, happier and feel invincible. If you are not there yet, my recommendation wake up 10 minutes earlier than you did yesterday and slowly start building a new habit. Remember the sum of all of your actions add up in a BIG WAY!

2. Fuel Your Body The Right Way!

Yes, I am a firm believer that how you fuel your body matters. It will effect your mood, your health, your energy levels and your productivity. So make it a point to get in a healthy breakfast every morning afterwards so that you kickstart your day off on a high note. And… this takes me a whole 5-6 minutes to make everyday! Protein, veggies and good fats!! I love a egg white omelette, spinach with avocado!

3. Hydrate!

Sounds simple and it is! You would not believe how many people are dehydrated and fail to drink enough water throughout the day. This will also effect your energy levels! Something as simple as starting your day off with a large glass of water will replenish your body and hydrate your cells, setting you up for success and helping you feel more energized and focused throughout the day.

Dehydration causes:

  1. Decreased Energy Levels: Dehydration can lead to fatigue and decreased energy levels, making it harder to focus and be productive.
  2. Impaired Physical Performance: Lack of hydration can impair physical performance, leading to reduced endurance, strength, and coordination.
  3. Mental Fog: Dehydration can cause difficulty in concentrating, memory problems, and mental fog, affecting cognitive function.
  4. Increased Risk of Health Issues: Chronic dehydration can contribute to various health issues such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and even kidney damage.
  5. Impaired Temperature Regulation: Adequate hydration is essential for regulating body temperature. Dehydration can lead to overheating and an increased risk of heat-related illnesses.
  6. Digestive Problems: Insufficient hydration can result in digestive issues like constipation and indigestion.
  7. Skin Problems: Dehydration can cause dry, flaky skin and exacerbate conditions like eczema and acne.

4. Musical Mornings!

I have always loved music growing up as a dancer. It’s one of my favorite outlets and sets the tone for the day. So, you better believe that I am dancing in the kitchen while I make the kids lunches and the volume is on full blast while everyone is getting ready in the morning. The kids are motivated to get dressed and ready and mama is feeling good. It’s the little things that really are the BIG things!

5. Hot/Cold Showers

Yes, hot/cold showers might sound a bit out there, but trust me, they’re a game-changer! Alternating between hot and cold water does wonders for your circulation, immunity, and overall energy levels. It’s like a shot of espresso for your body, waking you up and getting you ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way. Plus, it’s a great way to challenge yourself and build resilience right from the get-go. Don’t mock it until you try it! Nothing feels better than washing off the sweat after a hard workout! 🙂

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5 Morning Habits to Transform Your Day!

I am a huge advocate of early morning routines after I became a mom! But, I will also be the first to admit that it was not always this way. I was a night owl, working around the clock as a entrepreneur starting my own

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